How to get Adsense approval : If you are reading this article, means that you are looking for google adsense approval.Don’t worry..! you are in the right place to overcome your difficulties while applying for Adsense. Whats late then? Lets go into our article How To Get Google AdSense Approval in 7 days – Top 10 Working Strategies.

How to get Google AdSense approval in 7 days – Top 10 working Strategies:

The main source for earnings through blogging is promoting advertisements.There are many online advertising companies which provides huge revenues to websites by promoting ads.The most famous online advertising company is “GOOGLE ADSENSE” by google search engine.Almost all websites use google adsense to earn money by showing ads to their Users.It is the most trusted and professional way of earning money by bloggers.Usually Adsense never accept anyone’s application randomly who tries to apply for an account.It is very difficult to get google adsense approved. To get google adsense approved, you have to submit the most professional content website.If not, the google adsense will reject your application with out any doubt.

How To Get Google AdSense Approval in 7 days - Top 10 Working Strategies


How to get adsense approval in 7 days :

Please make sure that you have to follow these guidelines with out any fail in order to get adsense approved or else your application will be rejected.So here we go, The top 10 important working strategies to apply for Google Adsense approval.


Working Strategies:

1.Important Pages:

Before going to apply for adsense, you have verify your site ownership by google.So please make sure that your blog must contains the following important pages.

1.Home Page
2.About Us
3.Contact Us
4.Privacy policy

If your blog has the above mentioned pages,there may be better chances for approval.

2.Custom Domain and Email Id:

Maximum number of bloggers create website with free domains using free web hosting available in the online market.Creating free websites is useful for beginners to learn but not earn money.These free websites can’t accept by Google adsense. Buying a domain for $2 is not a big deal when u have more chances of getting approval.The Adsense takes seriously on custom domains and the above mentioned factors.
The second most thing after custom doamin is having professional email id or business email id.Business email id has more chances than professional email id.
Example: Professional email-id ~
Business email id ~
If you won’t follow the mentioned factors, your application will be rejected with out any query.

3.Minimum Articles:

The minimum articles that your blog or website must have at least 20-30 quality articles.Note down that your content is not copied from other websites.Your content should be very rich and easily can be understand by the users.The article must contain minimum of 1000 words and use relevant images where ever necessary.

4.Website Niches:

Experts says that website which is based on Health,Internet Marketing,Business law,Technology,Travel,Lifestyle and Social Media niches will go through a faster approval process.Blogs which contains Adult content,spam and Hacking websites cannot be approved.Google strictly prohibits these type of websites.

5.No Third Party Ads:

Please make sure your blog doesn’t contains any type of ads or other third party ad while you are appying for adsense. Google will check your blog manually and if they see third party ads on your website, they gets irritated and your application is rejected.

6.Website Design:

Maintain a good professional theme and nice template to look beautiful and clean.So that it takes less time to open your website and looks neatly.This also increases user’s experience on your blog.So make sure that you maintain a neat and clean design with good navigation to get adsense approve easily.

7.Google Analytics:

The trusted factor for google adsense approval is adding google analytics code to your website.It tracks your visitors and page views by the users.If you haven’t linked blog to analytics, click here to register.It has the system of live tracking of your visitors.


The number of visitors and page views is called as Traffic.Google Adsense requires certain amount of page views to approve your application.If more traffic comes to your website, there may be chances of approving easily.Please Wait before applying to adsense until your website reaches 50+ visitors per day,your adsense will be approved.

9.XML sitemap page:

XML sitemap is very important for a website to index in search engine and it can be created in a very simple way.For wordpress users, I recommend Google XML sitemaps by Arne Brachhold. And for any platform, u can use xml sitemap on GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE.By submitting sitemap can help search engine bots to index your website faster.

10. Alexa Rank:

Most of the people may not believe in Alexa Rank,but I strongly suggest you to install Alexa toolbar as it used to check your website statistics. If your website’s Alexa rank is appropriate to google adsense requirements,then it is very easy to get adsense approval.
Once you have done through the above guidelines,then you are ready to apply google adsense.                                        For more information, click here.

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